You accept wardrobes as they are. You will think about this with our wardrobes.

A wardrobe system is an important contributor to the architecture and the overall conception of an object. It needs to meet the requirements visually and functionally. rontec is one of the leading system outfitters for wardrobes, handrails and changing benches in the contract sector.

Our strength lies in adapting custom wardrobe systems which meet all requirements in design and function, be they wall-mounted, safety wall-mounted, folding and swivelling or coat racks.

Wardrobes when extended by a changing bench, ensure comfort before and after sports activity. And a custom-made handrail always provides secure support.

No matter your challenge, the best solution comes from rontec.

Do you want your object to be a shining example even when it comes to extras?

You know the situation: in 20% of the time 80% of the total task is solved and the remaining 20% takes 80% of the time. But there is another way. With rontec the main challenge is done in no time, such as when you are planning an extensive wardrobe system.


We have included all the details about our product range. In no time at all you will have the matching picture rails, brochure stands and everything else.

Sports center in Althengstett, equipped with rontec arena
Architect: Reichert Schulze, Stuttgart | Picture: Karl Huber

Your rontec team will be happy to help you with your project - no matter how extraordinary it is.

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Always open to your wishes.


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