Equipment for changing rooms Equipment for changing rooms

It's quicker to set up the cabin inside before the game starts.

The almost unlimited variation options of a wardrobe by rontec combined with a bench and you are best prepared for all sports and architectural challenges. Gyms, swimming pools and club facilities can be furnished with a minimum of planning effort. And don´t worry if you are planning for a rugby team rather than a ballet group: Our changing benches are tough.

Sprint to your custom changing bench in three minutes. Or contact us personally. In both cases, our planning information or the product overview will help you in advance.


Changing benches

Equipping a changing room requires multi-disciplinary planning: Floor plans need to be used optimal, safety standards must be observed, damp and wet areas have their own requirements. Gym, single-field sports hall, doubt  sports hall, three-field sports hall, soccer park or stadium? Our benches are planned accurate to a millimetre and precisely produced and assembled.
Get started with rontec arena. It's a clear winner - functionally and aesthetically.

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Secure wardrobes

Rise, fall, relegation, champion, cup, joy, sorrow, emotion, win or lose?
Our changing benches are screwed together and ideal for use in public.

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Bag trays

Volleyball, soccer, basketball, swimming, rugby, handball, gymnastics, fencing or yoga?
Our benches are flexible, functional and are geared to your budget and requirements.

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