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Anything is possible. Your task will prove that.

People whose professions, habits and aesthetic sensibilities are exceptional have a right to the perfectly fitting wardrobe, changing bench or handrail solution.
As a rule, our rontec foyer, arena and assist systems are the perfect solution. And rontec concept will fulfil your custom expectations.


rontec concept for you

rontec concept: these are products that not exist yet but could exist soon. You want it and we can do it. We develop solutions for entire industries or individual companies, for chain stores or a single location, for half the world or  the special case among the special cases.

Or just for you.

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rontec concept for kids

Special equipment for schools and kindergartens

Construction, material and processing of the highest, durable quality. Round shapes reliably protect against injuries when things get rough. This is what the GS certificate stands for.

Made for caps, drinking bottles or three dozen chestnuts: Children need storage in which nothing gets lost. We produce them in wood and made them as an integrated part of the changing bench.
This minimizes the effort of assembly compared to separate storage and guarantees you the harmony of storage and bench.

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