Planning a cloakroom, changing room or staircase is probably not one of your core tasks. Why not make it as easy, efficient and first-class as everything else? You will receive every conceivable support from us as a partner:

White papers: You send us plans, we design the wardrobe, the changing room, the handrails.

Focus: You have already made a shortlist of products? Then we will send you technical information sheets and samples of exactly this selection.

Cost estimate: We give you planning reliability - also for possible extras and installation.

Project realisation: We offer on-site consultation, measurement, delivery, and assembly. You simply need to know what you want.

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Security regulations

According to the guidelines for schools - construction and equipment -, GUV-SR 2001 (previously GUV 16.3), the following provision applies to facilities (4.2.7): Edges on fixed and movable equipment must be rounded or at least chamfered. This generally applies up to a height of 2 m, e.g. for furniture, boards, cloakrooms, radiators and art objects. Roundings with a radius of 2 mm are sufficient. Edges, corners and hooks on furnishings which project into occupied areas shall be designed or secured in such a way that no particular risk of injury is created. This generally applies up to a height of 2 m, e.g. for cloakrooms and operating levers.

Compliance with the above guidelines for schools is ensured for safety cloakrooms as follows:

Cloakroom components that are within the contact area of the head must have a radius of at least 4 mm. Ends of hooks must not be touched by the head, unless they are spherical. This may be checked using a circular object with a diameter of 140 mm. (Note: 140 mm corresponds to the average head width of children).

The recommended installation heights (middle of support profile) are approx. 125 cm in kindergartens, approx. 145 cm in primary schools and approx. 165 cm in secondary schools. A minimum distance of 50 mm from the door frame must be maintained for door openings, unless the wardrobes are installed in niches.


We will be happy to provide you as a planner or processor with samples of various products.
Handy and light, equipped with all the key features. You will return the good piece to us after sampling? No need! The whole thing is free of charge to you. HOOK ON IT.

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Care instructions

Maintenance of anodized and powder-coated metal surfaces:
In principle, commercially available care and cleaning products are suitable. Normal soiling can be wiped off with a damp cloth. If necessary, a neutral cleaning product can be added to the water. However, do not use any sharp or abrasive substances, as these could attack the surface. Due to the large selection of care and cleaning products available on the market, a special  recommendation is neither sensible nor necessary. Please always follow the manufacturer's special instructions for use. To prevent damage to the surfaces, the product you have chosen should be tested beforehand on a small, invisible area.

Care of wooden handrails, bench rests and other wooden surfaces:
Our wooden components are dried according to instructions before delivery, coated several times with a special UV-based lacquer or stain system. Finally, we make sure that the surface coating hardens completely. The same recommendations apply to the care and use of cleaning products as for metal surfaces.
Please avoid long and intensive exposure to moisture. Particularly with open-pored coatings, it is impossible to avoid moisture penetrating into the pores and causing visible defects such as grey pores or stains or even flaking.
One more remark especially about our changing benches: they are designed for normal sitting use. They are not intended for use by one or more persons standing or jumping on the benches or shoe deposit boxes. Please understand that damage caused by improper use is not a reason for complaint and therefore not part of the warranty. The seats are suitable for a resting load of up to 100 kg per running meter.