Handrail and wall protection systems Handrail and wall protection systems

For us, the handrail is called handrail because the planning is easy for you and you always have assembly well at hand.

Our handrail systems are like a helping hand. To the left, straight ahead, to the right, upstairs, downstairs, sometimes long, sometimes short - rontec helps you along all paths. This is especially appreciated in hospitals and senior care homes. The appearance is also pleasing, as they always remain discreetly in the background. No matter which of our woods fit your architecture, it always feels good.

Beech, maple, ash and oak are available as standard. Do you prefer a different type of wood? We're there fore you. We manufacture invisible interior frames from light metal, visible fastening elements and the ends from stainless steel.

Typically rontec: We deliver waste-free and only work with wood from sustainable cultivation.


Handrail system SEIZE

The idea for the SEIZE handrail system aroses from the observation that many building elements in senior care homes and similar institutions are primarily needed for the safety of the residents. Usually aesthetics, or even conveying comfort, are not considered. This is reversed with the SEIZE system. The architectural detail appeals to the residents' senses.

People usually draw conclusions about an overall context from their own experience. The haptic approach and grasping enhances these experiences. Residents and visitors are no longer only offered support and safety. The architecture can also be "grasped" in a figurative sense with the handrail. The cross-section of SEIZE takes into account the natural grip shape and ergonomics of the hand in a special way.

The SEIZE handrail system is quickly available and can be expanded as required. It can be easily installed on site and offers robust attachment points. The combination of aluminium and wood is flexible, sustainable and meets all contemporary requirements. The combination of aluminium and CORIAN® offers colour design possibilities. Perfect colour concepts of objects are rounded off with an architectural highlight. CORIAN® is hygienically safe and flame retardant.

The architects and designers MASKE + SUHREN, with whom rontec cooperates closely, received the AIT Innovation Award together with H. Perplies for a total of three different handrail systems. The reason given by the jury was: "The use of CORIAN® opens up new design possibilities. The variety of colours and shapes associated with the material as well as the shape is obvious and has to be evaluated very positively".

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Handrail system PUBLIC

Handrail systems from rontec are a sensual experience for the hand. This is of particular importance if the handrail is to give blind people orientation and safety. The list of our equipment therefore includes special tactile elements - one example of many for the individual adaptability of our products.

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Wall protection systems

Many walls that are to have a handrail also need wall protection. So if both systems run in parallel, it saves time and money if the planning, measurement and installation of the handrail and wall protection come from one source - not to mention the design harmony.

Art that makes itself useful: Our wall protection can be cut to shape or printed according to your wishes. Clever example: With an appropriate combination of material colours and printed texts, your wall protection can also take on the function of a home automation system.

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