Wardrobe systems Wardrobe systems

Even our wardrobes have hooks. But not for you as a planner or fabricator.

What pleases the planner is delivered by the fabricator: Frames manufactured with millimetre precision and well thought-out connecting elements make assembly a walk in the park. The opening is just around the corner? If you wish, we can deliver within a few days. And we will gladly manage complete on-site assembly.

You can tell from a good wardrobe what kind of building it was designed for. Construction, hook type and spacing, surface and fittings reflect whether the cloakroom is waiting for people and coats in an opera house or a school, in a representative or purpose-built building.

That's what we at rontec provide. We implement your planning in such a detailed and dimensionally accurate manner that you will receive a nearly unique specimen. But your way there is also unique - uniquely simple. Instead of leafing through thick catalogues, just click on your personal favourite wardrobe in three minutes, contact us personally, use our planning information for your needs.
You do not want to configure or request a specific solution yet? An overview of our cpoat racks and single coat stand in aluminum or stainless steel is available for viewing.

Coat racks

Does your building has more floor space than walls? Do you want to supplement a wall-mounted wardrobe system at peak times? Or you just want to be as flexible as possible? The coat racks from rontec always give you the needed scope. Your type and distance can be just as individual as our wardrobes up to a 2 metre length(*). And regardless of your choice of feet, glides, rollers or mounting plates to screw on, your design will stand on firm legs.

There are also significant advantages for the output markers which (not only) fit our coat racks. The numbers are engraved as well as bonded which makes them as durable as everything else from rontec.

(*) for floor fixing: maximum support distance

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Folding and swiveling wardrobes

The wall surfaces are limited and the floor surfaces are mostly used for other things? Are you planning a multifunctional hall?
You can still have the high quality and noble appearance of a rontec wardrobe. When the last visitor has picked up his coat, simply fold or swivel the wardrobe against the wall to save space.

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Wall-mounted wardrobes

Offering many hooks with as little usage of material as possible can be done particularly well with our wardrobe systems. The frames follow your walls accurately to the millimetre. Place the hooks to suit your purpose. Choose between single, double or triple hooks as well as safety versions for example for schools and kindergartens.

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For some it might be just a wall hook. For us it is the shortest wardrobe in the world. Our anodized wardrobe hooks and coat hanger hooks are second to none  to rontec's strong sellers. If you want to combine a single coat rack with it, for example, the overall picture is perfect.

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Numbering & Output markers

We dare to make a prediction: Even if the entire world is digitised at some point, exchanging coats for markers will remain analogue. Feel free to buy our output markers that last forever.

The numbers of rontec output markers are not simply printed, but deeply engraved and, if desired, covered with robust colours. Our markers are matched to the hook cross-section and are available in plain anodized aluminum and black anodized as well as in white or black plastic. For the numbering on the wardrobe you can choose between engraved or bonded numbers.

Of course you can order this analogue product digitally.

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Single coat stands & coat hangers

A single coat stand is not really high tech. So do we need to talk about such a simple product? Absolutely! We think that a single coat stand also has the right to timeless design. You can present your world in anodized aluminum, stainless steel or powder-coated in your desired colour. It goes without saying that our coat hangers are not made of cardboard either.

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