Fireproofed and beautiful


Fire protection regulations have been tightened lately in many regions and countries. This applies in particular public buildings and hallways in schools. Our new aluminum coat stands are the solution.

Non-flammable and space-saving: When jackets are no longer allowed to hang in corridors or hallways, the wardrobe must be compact and functional. The height of the coat stand, the number of hooks and the type of attachment is adapted to individual needs. In addition, almost any color concept can be implemented with more than 200 colors.

rontec arena also withstands heat and humidity: maximum fire protection, with no compromises in architectural quality. All changing benches are now also available with fireproofed and water-resistant bench pads and are therefore suitable for escape routes and wet areas. More than 200 colours are also available. Safety can be so colourful.

Find your individual desired colour here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your rontec team at any time.