We love aluminum - do you?


Our products are oriented towards the durability of the object in which they are used. Even under heavy use, they look flawless for a long time. Wherever …

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rontec is now on LinkedIn


rontec GmbH Metallwerke is now also represented on LinkedIn. This way you will be informed about news and trends from rontec even when you are on the road. …

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Are jackets a no-go in the hallway?


No problem with the rontec coat rack especially for classrooms! In the cold season, clothes pile up on coat racks - especially in schools. Thick winter …

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Ensuring hygiene with rontec


In addition to high-quality equipment, rontec now also ensures appropriate hygiene with the rontec disinfection columns in the usual rontec quality. Welcome …

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Fireproofed and beautiful


Fire protection regulations have been tightened lately in many regions and countries. This applies in particular public buildings and hallways in schools. …

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Squared: New with us instead of fashionable


Bauhaus is now 100 years old. It was and is used for all kinds of comparisons. But our respect for the ideals of the Bauhaus is real and has deeper roots …

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New website


From 07 July 2020, you will experience a completely new web concept in terms of aesthetics, technology and functionality with this completely redesigned …

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It's about the colour black in architecture


Whether it's a powerful surface or a detail rich in contours: black is appreciated as it has not been for a long time. So it is a good thing that essential …

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